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Event-driven systems

In this episode we talk with Daniel and Steve about their experience with event-driven systems and shed some light on what they are and who they might be for. We explore topics like the complexity of setting up an event-driven system, the need to embrace eventual consistency, useful tools for building event-driven systems, and more.

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Notes and Links

  • Batch - Daniel’s company, which is a platform for working with message busses and event-driven systems.
  • RabbitMQ - An event/message bus tool.
  • MQTT - Another event/message bus option that is very simple.
  • etcd - A fast key/value store. Daniel talks about using it as a cache in the episode.
  • Plumber CLI - A tool written by Batch to help work with any message bus
  • Event Sourcing - Martin Fowler’s article on event sourcing.
  • CUE - An encoding tool mentioned in the episode.
  • Code blocks example from Steve - In the show Steve mentions code blocks helping readability. This is an example of this.

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