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Go Time

A special New Year's fireside chat

Mat and the gang ring in the new year by gathering around a make believe fireplace and discussing what they’re excited about in 2023, their new years resolutions & a little bit of Go talk, too. But only a little.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's Go Time!
(00:50) - Mat's dream soundscape
(03:06) - Jon's excited about HTMX
(06:06) - Mat's excited about ChatGPT
(07:10) - ChatGPT vs Copilot
(08:43) - Will AI replace us all?
(09:52) - This chapter brought to you by Shell
(11:13) - Innovation in climate tech
(16:33) - Beware of Disney films
(17:25) - Free clean energy in 2023!?
(18:49) - The US lacks superheroes because...
(20:58) - Back to fusion energy
(24:17) - What changes with free / limitless energy
(27:42) - The future of drones
(31:01) - Mat's new year resolution
(32:50) - Ian's new year resolution
(39:56) - Sponsor: Practical AI
(41:25) - Are M1 Macs worth it?
(45:52) - This chapter brought to you by Apple
(46:27) - Kris with the first unpop of '23
(48:29) - Monarchs vs Presidents
(50:07) - It's UnGo Time
(50:30) - Generics talk
(52:20) - Ian on built-in iterators
(55:43) - Go modules are boring now!
(56:56) - Time to Go!
(57:34) - Outro

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