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Tired of updating namespaces? With VS2019 you won't.

Most of us programmers would have moved code files around to different folders at a different stages of the application development, this might be due to refactoring or redesigning or re-organizing. While moving around the code files, most .Net developers would have spent enough time changing the namespaces to match the folder structure (as better practice).

With Visual Studio 2019, this mundane task of changing the namespaces while moving folder is now automated, which means, visual studio updates the namespace to match the folder structure by itself.
Even if for some reason, you move the folder using the file explorer rather than the visual studio, in such case, you can go into the code file and you get an option to update the namespace to match the folder structure or change it any other existing namespace from your project.

Namespace change option

Cool isn't it.

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Stanislav Prusac

No is not cool!
How can I disable that!?!