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Godot 4.2.1 Maintenance Release Overview

Godot 4.2.1, the latest maintenance release, is now available, focusing on resolving platform compatibility issues introduced in Godot 4.2. The update aims to facilitate smoother upgrades from version 4.1 and supports new projects across all platforms.

Key Fixes:

  1. GL Compatibility Renderer on macOS:

    • Reverted the default backend from ANGLE's Metal back to native OpenGL drivers due to issues introduced by ANGLE's Metal backend.
  2. macOS One-Click Deploy:

    • Addressed freezing issues caused by the Xcode install dialog during iOS one-click deploy by switching to mdfind for Xcode presence checks.
  3. Vulkan Renderer on Android:

    • Resolved crashes and mesh corruption issues in Vulkan renderers on Android, potentially fixing problems with tilemap rendering on specific Android devices.
  4. Godot Jolt Addon Compatibility:

    • Introduced a workaround for compatibility issues with Godot Jolt addon, preventing crashes during project upgrades. Users are advised to update Godot Jolt to the latest version (0.11.0).
  5. TileMap Occluders:

    • Fixed a regression related to TileMap occluders, addressing issues present in the handling of these elements.
  6. Emscripten Web Export:

    • Adjusted linker flags to address issues introduced by recent Emscripten releases, ensuring successful compilation and execution.

Additional Changes:

  • A total of 42 contributors made approximately 74 improvements for this release.
  • The comprehensive list of changes is available in the interactive changelog.

Be sure to check out the original page for more details and to download the latest version of the engine.

Known Incompatibilities:
No known incompatibilities exist with previous Godot 4.2.x releases. Users are encouraged to upgrade to 4.2.1. Report any unexpected behavior on GitHub.

Godot is a non-profit, open-source project sustained by contributions from developers and donations from the community. Financial support can be provided through the Godot Development Fund, managed by the Godot Foundation. Appreciation is extended to all contributors and supporters.

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