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Announcing the Launch of Godot Community Website: Embracing an Open and Diverse Ecosystem!

Hello fellow Godot enthusiasts and developers!

I'm thrilled to announce the official launch of the Godot Community website at! This community-driven platform aims to bring together Godot users from all corners of the world to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a sense of belonging in the open-source game development community.

🌐 Embracing Diversity and Decentralization

For open-source communities like Godot, diversity and decentralization are key strengths that empower community members to freely contribute, engage, and take ownership. Instead of centralizing everything and smacking them all into an official channel, our goal is to embrace a more open and decentralized approach, allowing for a richer and more diverse ecosystem.

🤝 A Community-Driven Godot Hub

Godot stands out as an open-source project with a passionate community that doesn't rely on corporate backing. The "everyone can take part of it, and be part of it" philosophy lies at the heart of Godot's success and drives our community. The Godot Community website is a hub where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts, participate in discussions, and share your projects and ideas.

💬 Diverse Communication Channels

While an official forum has its merits, we believe that maintaining a diverse array of communication channels is crucial for the long-term growth and vibrancy of the Godot ecosystem. In addition to our website's forum, we encourage community members to interact through platforms like Reddit, social media groups, and more. This approach allows for different perspectives and enables everyone to find their preferred space within the community.

🌟 Community-Focused and Run

Our website is entirely community-based and community-run, designed to complement the official channels while focusing on the passionate community around Godot. While the official channel primarily addresses the Godot project itself, our website takes pride in nurturing and supporting the people who make up this wonderful community.

Join us now and be a part of this growing community dedicated to learning, sharing, and fostering a supportive environment for Godot users worldwide!

🔗 Website:

Let's embark on this exciting journey together and make Godot Community the go-to place for all things Godot!

🚀 Happy Game Development! 🎮

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