📦 npm Cheat-Sheet [infographic + pdf]

godcrampy profile image Sahil Bondre ・1 min read

Second one in the series. This time it's on npm.

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📁 pdf version of this cheatsheet
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I am glad that you guys are loving the series. I have a few questions for you guys. Please reply to this comment! 😊

  1. What other topics do you want cheat sheets on?
  2. I recently started my instagram channel. What content would you guys like there?

Cheatsheets on major frameworks such as React, Angular could be amazing. Also higher level topics including docker, kubernetes, cloud storage and many other topics, if described easily using cheatsheets, would be helpful.


Sure coming up soon!


VS code keyboard shortcuts


Great work!
Thanks for taking the time to create it for lazy people like me.
Can you please make one for "Tailwind CSS", as I'm having a hard time with it...


Sure! Tailwind is on my list as well. Will post soon!


Awesome post, loved it ❤️


Thanks Man!



nice work.

I guess the command "npm ci" would also have to be on the cheatsheet?



Hi Simon.
I tried to crunch in all the essential commands. Maybe I'll add a second page to the cheat-sheet to cover the commands I missed (in near future).
$ npm ci is used in automated environments incase anyone is wondering. Here's the docs for it.