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Gonçalo Morais
Gonçalo Morais

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Launching ‘Heroes of Computer Science’

A few months ago, after learning about the death of Jean E. Sammet, I realised that there is this huge amount of personalities that pushed the field of Computer Science and that, even though I went through a master’s degree in Computer Engineering, I still didn’t know who most of them were…

This gave me an idea for a project. A short newsletter (with an RSS feed as well, for people with email fatigue) that, every fortnight or so, would introduce you to someone that (in some way) propelled Computer Science forward, someone you should know a little about.

This eventually led me to Heroes of Computer Science and I’ve sent three issues so far: Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and Alonzo Church.

I have many more people to go through, but so far, I’m really enjoying discovering about new personalities and re-learning about names I already knew about but not that well.

If you have a suggestion for someone to be spotlighted on this project, let mw know through this simple form! I’d love to get more ideas for future issues. 🤩

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