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Here are five reasons you should be part of a tech community.

  1. Access to Information: Information is a powerful tool and joining a community is one of the ways to access vital information. There would always be someone who has helpful information you did not know about. The information you could get from the community could change your life.

  2. Motivation: You might think you are really motivated till you get into a community of great minds. Also, If you are short of motivation, joining a community will be almost a great inspiration for you.

  3. Networking: You would love to be part of the 1% of the 1%. The connection has helped in the growth of people on different career paths. If you really want to grow in any career path, building connection with people is the absolute way to win this.

  4. Lessons: Lessons can be learned from people's achievements, mistakes and experiences. Noting these lessons will enable you to avoid certain mistakes or encourage you to do something great. Being a part of a community opens you up to learn these lessons.

  5. Growth: People involved in the community(ies) have higher tendencies to grow beyond an average person not involved in a community. Reasons why you should join a tech community

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