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Last month on Glitch was weird and wonderful, let's blog about it! ✍️

Happy February! I know that January is the start of the year, but for me it’s always February that feels like a fresh beginning - it’s both my birth and Glitch anniversary month, and that’s why I look for any way to make everything about the things I enjoy. That’s why the prompt for this month’s Glitch Community Code Jam is “welcome to my blog.” I love blogs - always have, always will, and the turbulence that social media is going through is lending itself to a sort of renaissance of blogging. This is just to say, I want to read your blogs OR I want you to start one if you haven’t already AND you should submit them to our jam.

Before you scroll to see some very cool blog posts and projects, I want to remind you all that February 28th is our deprecation date for versions of Node < 12, and this week we’re removing Chromium from containers. All of this is in service of getting Glitch up to date - and to combat activities making it difficult for the community to create cool stuff.

See you on

Jenn, Director of Community and blog enthusiast 👽

P.S. Fastly is running a developer meetup in our new NYC space on February 27th - if you’re in the area, we’d love for you to join us for an evening of refreshments, activities and conversations about computing at the edge. It’s also a good opportunity to get some Glitch stickers that I’ve been hoarding at my desk! Save yourself a spot for this free event before they run out.

a grid of virtual drawers and some of them are pulled out to spell LOL

On the blogs ✍️

If you loved Last Year on Glitch, you’ll love our monthly roundups, with this year starting off hot with the Last Month on Glitch, January edition. This issue includes:

  • A browser for…toasters
  • Most flavors of Mountain Dew
  • Slime (or goo)
  • Lots of geographic trivia

…and so much more! Check it out for yourself and be sure to add our blog to your RSS feed readers which I know you have if you’re a sicko like me.

Here are some blog posts (and a podcast!) from the community that we loved!

Have you written about your Glitch apps on a blog, a conference talk…anywhere? Let us know and we’ll feature it in the next newsletter!

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On the forum 📣

Check out what the Glitch community is sharing and discussing:

The Glitch Community Forum is the best way to ask the community for help, share what you’re making, exchange friendly banter and get to know your fellow friendly Glitch creators. See you there! 😎

Glitch Pro gem

Haven’t gone Pro yet? New subscribers can sign up for Glitch Pro with the code WELCOMETOMYBLOG and get 25% off. You’ll get 100% of the superpowers Glitch Pro gives you – like project access controls, always-on apps, and more!

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Michael Tharrington

It's always fun to hear what's going on at Glitch!

Fun newsletter, Jenn. Appreciate ya sharing it with us! 🙌