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Philip Miglinci for Glasskube

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Glasskube is now part of the CNCF Landscape

🧊 Glasskube is the missing Package Manager for Kubernetes πŸ“¦

Featuring a GUI and a CLI. Glasskube packages are dependency aware, GitOps ready and can get automatic updates via a central public package repository.

Support us by leaving a star on GitHub: ⭐ glasskube/glasskube ⭐

We got accepted into the CNCF Landscape

Glasskube is now visible next other relevant projects in the cloud native ecosystem landscape like Helm or Backstage.

Glasskube CNCF Landscape

The goal of the cloud-native landscape is to gather and categorize projects that are relevant to the cloud native developers,
offering a comprehensive overview of the existing ecosystem.

By exploring this landscape, project teams can make informed decisions about tooling, technology stack selection, and best practices.
Moreover, it facilitates access to emerging innovations, fosters community collaboration, and ensures compatibility and interoperability,
all of which are critical for the success of Kubernetes deployments.

Glasskube is part of the Application Definition & Image Build category

Application definition and image build tools encompass developer-focused and operations-focused functionalities,
aiming to simplify Kubernetes deployment and app management.
They address challenges of complexity in containerized environments, offering solutions for reproducible image creation,
standardized app deployment, and simplifying developer and operator experiences. Tools include Helm for deploying third-party apps,
the Operator Framework for building and deploying operators, and Cloud Native Buildpacks for containerizing application code.
These tools help streamline Kubernetes development and operations, offering diverse solutions for various use cases.

Accepted in just 7 days after the launch

The pull request #3735 got accepted just 7 days after the released of our first technical preview of Glasskube.

Glasskube was accepted into the CNCF landscape category due to its ability to effectively address the critical challenges
within application definition and image build, underscoring its importance in streamlining Package Management on Kubernetes.

View Glasskube in the CNCF Landscape

Glasskubes entry in the CNCF landscape

Try out Glasskube yourself

You can already get your hands on Glasskube and install the first available packages.
You can find the correct installation instruction for your operating system:

Get involved

The easiest way to get involved is to tackle one of our open issues.
You are also welcome to join our Discord.

If you are a cloud native developer, please submit your package.

As Glasskube is still in its very early days, your feedback is highly appreciated.

Let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you or support us by leaving a star:

⭐ glasskube/glasskube ⭐

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All the best.

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Matija Sosic

nice job! :)