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🚀 Reflecting on My Startup Journey: Learning, Challenges, and Growth 🚀

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In 2015, I embarked on a journey fueled by passion and a thirst for learning. I started a startup aimed at aggregating local ITI institutes and Gulf job consultancies for users in my hometown, a bustling hub for such services. The potential was immense, with students and job aspirants flocking from neighbouring cities and states.

Despite the initial excitement and the app attracting over 1000 users, my startup faced hurdles that ultimately led to its closure. The challenges were twofold: lack of sufficient funds and a dearth of marketing knowledge. It was a humbling experience, teaching me valuable lessons that shaped my understanding of entrepreneurship.

What makes this journey special is that I started this venture as a side project while working full-time in another organization. My evenings were dedicated to learning PHP and building the app, often working till the early hours of the morning. Remarkably, I never let my commitment waver, always ensuring I was on time for my 9 am office hours.

The journey wasn't just about coding; it was about hustling and reaching out. After developing the app, I took to the streets, visiting consultancies and institutes after office hours to promote my creation. It was a testament to my determination and willingness to go the extra mile.

While the startup didn't reach the heights I envisioned, the experience was invaluable. It taught me the importance of financial planning, marketing strategies, and the resilience required in the startup ecosystem. Today, I carry these lessons with me as I continue to explore new opportunities and ventures.

For those curious about my startup journey, you can explore the web archive for a glimpse into the app's landing page. Every setback has been a stepping stone, and I'm grateful for the growth it has brought me. Here's to embracing challenges and turning them into opportunities for growth! 🚀
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