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What you will choose? & Why?

gitrishabhsingh profile image Rishabh Singh ・1 min read

If you have a choice to learn any front-end framework of JavaScript,
What you will choose first?
Angular, Vue or React?

It would be great to give your opinion in comment section.
Which and why framework you will choose?


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Most trendy here would have to be React + Gatsby.

React Native would be a interpolatable path.

Also, React is more employable.

I am not sure where Vue will go in the future with Vue 3. (with composition API -- maybe Evan You used his authority wrongly...)

Angular has a superior architecture, and might be better to learn first rather than Vue. (I personally like Foldered components more than Single File components.) But Vue is simpler. (I stick with Vue, actually.)

Otherwise, I would go with C#, as it can extend to Xamarin.

Dart as a web programming language might also have future. Currently it can program mobile. In the future, desktop is possible. But React and C# are far more flexible.


I’m learning react but i saw that vue is more simpler on the syntax. I choose react for its big community and i think i will move faster to MobileApp with react-native. On the other hand i think with vue you can develop a great PWA.
Its depends on the purpose you have.


Thanks for your response!!


It's still "do a project in Svelte" for me...

I tend to build things that use inversion of control and late binding of components. This is ideal for React, works in Vue and rules out Angular (after version 1). Also doable in Svelte I think.


I'm absolutely intrigued by Svelte, and Gatsby for that matter. The point with React is simply its huge market share (jobs, work).


Agreed, it depends on whether you can control the platform choice.

I'm a little sad that our current project is React - because we reviewed all frameworks but at the time Svelte was v2 about to go v3 - too much of a risk then. Looks like that was the great update it was supposed to be though, still no choice at the time.

React isn't bad but what irks me big time is the endless "pattern churn" within the React community.

First it's HOCs that's all the rage, then it has to be Render Props, next we all need to start using Redux (unless we shouldn't), or maybe we should use the Context API, and finally we must really throw all that out of the window and start rewriting everything with Hooks!

(because class based components are evil, and Hooks are supposedly superior, although I'm still waiting for someone to clearly explain why)

Ad infinitum.

This kind of absurdity is really a thing with React, I've NEVER seen anything like it with another framework or community.

P.S. replying to myself :-)

I might have been a bit to harsh in my previous comment, I do believe there is some decent reasoning behind the whole "Hooks" thing ... just came across this blog post which does a great job of explaining the rationale behind Hooks:



I like Vue. I found it easy to get started with and I'm more likely to build projects with it.


I like both Angular and Vue because of their templating syntax and ease of use(based on my experience).