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Meetup Announcement

Greetings to all the Tech-lovers out there!


Gitlab Community Coimbatore brings to you an exciting Meetup on the eve of 9th January, 2021 by Arunpaul M, who would elucidate on "BREAKDOWN NODE JS".

Read through this post for a cool takeaway at the end!


Agenda for the day:

6:05pm - Welcome note.
6:10pm - The Engine and the execution of JS
6:25pm - Secrets about ECMAScript
6:40pm - Do you think the prototype is complex?
6:55pm - Q&A Sessions followed by Vote of thanks.

Abstracts and speaker bios:


Deep dive into the core functionalities of node JS and explore the complexity of the prototype in JS.

Speaker Bio:

Senior Software Developer at Vakilsearch.
Despite a tech-enthusiast, he is a Freelancer and has contributed to Opensource in many of the side-projects.

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Reminder: All attendees are expected to adhere to the GitLab Code of Conduct.

So what are you waiting for?
Enroll yourself here and become the lucky winners of the Gitlab goodies at the end of the Q&A Session.

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