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ReactJS-A popular JS library

Open-Source has been a popular word since the last few years and a developer's contribution to open-source is very much celebrated apart from its undoubted value. React is also an open-source JavaScript library which is a Frontend developer's buddy to build attractive UI components for users.

React has a hawk-eye on each component which has served a booster take-off for the library. Concentrating on every UI component, React simplifies the complicated tasks, which proves to be one of the main reasons for its popularity.

To understand the popularity shoot-up of React, we first must focus on learning what JSX is!

JSX - A buzzword for the React developers. JSX is the coined term for JavaScript XML, which helps write HTML in React. It acts as a magnifying glass over the React, aiding it to increase its code readability. JSX is a simplified interpretation of HTML tags to React.

The simplicity of the code and its flexibility has doubled the reasons to use React. The runtime performance and the HTML and CSS applications are embraced by a wide range of programmers.

Virtual DOM-An insight

  • Virtual DOM satisfies the need for Dynamicity on your web page. APIs though relatively slow to interact with helping in modifying the nodes of the subtree events.

  • Virtual DOM is highly efficient in viewing the web app. The changes in the React app reflects on the UI by the creation of a new Virtual DOM.

  • There are 2 Virtual DOMs which aids in surging the performance upwards. Nevertheless, updating the Virtual DOM must be taken care of, invariably since React is a master of 2 Virtual DOM memories.

  • If you are a React developer, then the point of the hunt for a framework to be popular is 'Reactivity'. Although pure JS updates the React components, DOM manipulation and update is taken care of by the React.

  • The CPU-intensity and the memory usage in another turn-on for the programmers to use Reactjs.

ReactJS is a great choice for business since it delivers better methods for a profitable future. Designing the apps with increase user performance is a cakewalk for the developers and a treat to the users.

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dennisfrijlink profile image
Dennis Frijlink

React is not a framework. It's a javascript library. Vue.js for example is a javascript framework. The difference between this two is that React is concerned only with rendering the UI and leaves many things up to each project to put together. Vue.js on the other hand delivers the total package: vue router, vue state management (vuex) etc. that's what makes it a framework

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Gitlab Meetup Community

Thank you for letting us know. We have now edited the article.

shadowtime2000 profile image

React itself is a lot less than that. It is purely a VDOM library. You need ReactDOM to render it on the DOM, but yeah I agree React is not a framework. It is a library.