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Kubernetes - A brief insight!

'Container Orchestration tool'-It does seem a bit overwhelming for the beginners to hear the 3-word definition of Kubernetes. But this open-source container management tool is an exciting platform which manages deployment and scaling, besides load balancing of the containers.

You must be wondering the reason for using Kubernetes while we already have Docker. Let's keep in mind that any Linux containers or Dockers are implemented on a massive scale and require vast ability to load balance and manage the traffic.

Native Auto-scaling is one of the starring features of Kubernetes and functionally a masterstroke content management tool.

Packaging and Scheduling of your containers based on the requirements to ensure optimum workloads; Service discovery and load balancing using the IP addresses to streamline the clusters concerning the network and communication are the key highlights of Kubernetes.

Opting for Local storage or Public cloud storage signifies the Storage Orchestration side point.

Restarting the failed containers and killing the non-responsive containers while allowing to rebuild the image confidentially makes Kubernetes an excellent Self-healing and Secret configuration tool.

Progressive Rollout of changes in your application by ensuring that no two updates clash at a time is an attractive runtime feature of Kubernetes.

The new 1.19 version

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  • The new Topology manager is responsible for the management of fine-grained hardware resources which coordinates and assigns the Kubernetes components. The kubectl alpha debug command helps in creating and running a new pod besides troubleshooting the nodes that are available in Alpha.
  • The current core/v1 endpoint API's is replaced by EndpointSlice API, having sig-network, sig-scalability as its responsible SIG's. Ingress is now, general availability and is added to networking v1 APIs.
  • The Kubernetes Support Window has been enhanced to four as recommended by WG-LTS. This was considered an effort to impact SIG-Architecture, SIG-Release, and SIG-Testing. With this feature, the admission webhooks can return non-fatal warnings to its API Clients.

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