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Meetup Announcement - Edition 03

Hey there Learning enthusiasts!

Looking for a fresh start in Functional Programming in Haskell?
Don't worry! We have got you covered!

Gitlab Community Coimbatore is excited to host our upcoming meetup on 27th March, 2021.

All eyes here! This event is going to be a "Podcast" in conversation with 'Mr. TamizhVendan S', Principal Software Engineer at Ajira Tech.

About the speaker:

TamizhVendan, a functional programming enthusiast and a Full-Stack solution provider has authored "F# Applied & F# Applied II", a practical guides for web development.

He's also a the founder and head coach of an E-Learning portal called Learn CS in Tamil focused on coaching young coding blood in Software development and Computer Science.

Tamizh is also a Freelance IT trainer for F#, Clojure & Haskell since more than a decade now. Apart from his passion for coding, he's also an active blogger who's concepts are very much attention seeking to the beginners.

Link of the blog:

Alt Text

Topic of discussion: Functional Programming - Haskell for beginners

Date: 27th March, 2021.

Click here and enroll yourself for the event!

We are enthusiastically looking forward to have him with us for the event.
We would like to extent a warm welcome to you all for the event. Set up a firm base, brainstorm and traverse through the basics of Haskell.

Cheers to all our attendees and hoping to see you all on D-Day!

Reminder: all attendees are expected to adhere to the GitLab Code of Conduct.

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