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Cost-cutting in AWS due to this pandemic Covid-19

Cost-cutting in AWS cloud providers due to this pandemic Covid-19

In today's scenario, to overcome the limitations involved with covid-19 crisis, MSME Units to MNC's are evaluating the implementation of cloud-based technologies. While the companies that are already benefiting from cloud services look forward towards incorporating essential cost-saving measures extended by cloud computing models.

At present, the primary focus of industries dealt with maintenance and management capabilities of a firm which involves saving on system and hardware investments as it is prominent with regards to ensuring business continuity. The AWS(Amazon Web Services) public cloud solution provides these competencies thereby, reducing cost assessing services. In order to display the credibility of cost-cutting mechanisms engulfed with AWS cloud providers due to the existing pandemic crisis, we have identified certain pointers wherein, the AWS features can be reduced to make it more affordable.

  • The process of implementing large servers which do not justify the usage may lead to significant limitations. Thus, the firms are expected to readjust them into families and sizes of Amazon EC2 instances offered by AWS. This measure proves to be cost efficient while also refraining from neglecting the technical requirements of the servers.

  • Furthermore, it was also necessary to review the idle servers in order to proceed to their removal. This instance is taken into consideration when they would not be used in the near future.

  • Reviewing the unnecessary EBS (Elastic Block Storage) volumes and disposing them based on the storage efficiency also aids towards reducing costs.

  • AWS provides diverse storage options depending on the frequency of access required to the data objects. Therefore, it is proposed that all information requiring less frequent access be transferred from Amazon S3 standard to Amazon Glacier. Since the latter service allows long-term backup and archive storage with a recovery option from 1 minute to 12 hours. This initiative also extends a cost reduction per GB of up to 80% less than the standard Amazon S3 storage.

Having stated that, the above-mentioned actions assure to help companies to reduce their costs of IT department with regards to close infrastructure expenditure.

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Gary Bell

I've done a calculation exercise previously for my current employer at the cost benefit of migrating to AWS. Based on what we currently pay for our servers, and their actual use levels under both normal and high load, I estimated we would be able to save around 40% of our monthly hosting costs.

Cost saving doesn't need to have a global pandemic to take place. Just someone willing and able to explore the option to put forward the cost-benefit analysis, and a manager open to change. Usually.

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Gitlab Meetup Community

Hello Gary, Thanks for your words. This article wouldn't help for the tier 1 companies. Probably this article would help for new startups. And my inbox is flooded with more suggestions regarding cost cutting for startups. Because of this pandemic they need to reduce the resources. Which means SCALE DOWN accordingly.