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What's new in the GitHub Community! - 2024.01.26

Hello everyone! We're back for our 2nd edition of the Top Stories from the GitHub Community. There are some great articles this week from our fellow community members. If you want to be featured in our weekly roundup of great content, please share your content using the #GitHub hashtag on social media. We loving seeing how everyone in the community is using different GitHub features!

Deploy Your React App Using GitHub Pages
This is a great article on how to easily deploy your React app using GitHub pages, thank you Anisul for writing this!

Git Add Command: A Step by Step Tutorial
If you want to skill up using Git, especially around the Git Add command, this article by Ione is the play to go. He also has been publishing more articles around Git usage, all are great learning guides!

Deploy Manual Files to Databricks dbfs using GitHub Actions
Automating and updating your data is an important process, learn to automate that process using GitHub Actions.

A non-coders guide to Open Source Contributions
Open Source drives innovation and software development. Getting started with Open Source contribution can be daunting, Mario's article really helps show you how easy it is to get started.

If you’ve written an article about GitHub or find some great content about GitHub or any of its features or products, please share it with the #GitHub hashtag on Twitter, or LinkedIn!

What's new at GitHub this week?

10 Unexpected ways to use GitHub Copilot
Check out Kedasha's awesome blog to unlock some awesome ways to use GitHub Copilot!

How GitHub's Developer Experience Team Improved Innerloop Development
Read about Innerloop and how your organization can benefit.

Checkout the GitHub Action: Evergreen
Keeping you up to date on your repo's dependencies.

Thank you Mario, Ione, Anisul, and Kedasha for putting together these great updates!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and we'll see you all next week!

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