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Ten great Godot games + source code from Game Off 2023

The 11th annual GitHub Game Off–challenging developers to build a game from scratch in one month–just wrapped up with over 600 submissions–all rated and reviewed by the developers themselves.

This year's theme was "SCALE" and developers really rose to the occasion building games to fit the theme. We also saw a significant increase in the use of the Godot game engine, reflecting its rising popularity in game jams.

And with that, here are the top ten games that were created with Godot. Play them. Clone them. Have fun!

ProTip: Look for variables like _jump_distance and gravity in the source code and try tweaking them for even more fun.

Grapple Pack 🪝 🎒

Animation showing Grapple Pack in action

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In Grapple Pack, players must escape from an underground facility using a Grapple Pack—a unique device combining a backpack with a grappling hook—relying on their wits and agility to overcome obstacles and evade pursuit.

Merlin: Scale of the Magic 🧙‍♂️ 🪄

Animation showing Merlin: Scale of the Magic in action

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Merlin: Scale of the Magic is a metroidvania-style adventure where players control the legendary wizard Merlin, embarking on a quest to vanquish a vampire within the treacherous confines of an ancient castle.

Scale Rumble 🐟 🥄

Animation showing Scale Rumble in action

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The fast-paced Scale Rumble challenges players to skillfully descale fish using a spoon in a bustling fish salon, where speed and precision are key to keeping up with the frenetic pace.

Glory to Scale 🇺🇸 ⚖️

Animation showing Glory to Scale in action

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Glory to Scale immerses players in a dystopian world where, as a resident of the totalitarian state SCALE, they must navigate a seemingly peaceful society under the watchful eyes of the Ministry of Truth and omnipresent surveillance, challenging players to uncover the truth by observing those who observe others.

Jerry and the Scal-E 3000 🪨 🔫

Animation showing Jerry and the Scal-E 3000 in action

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In Jerry and the Scal-E 3000, players navigate as Jerry, a lost soul who awakens in a maze of mysterious, puzzle-filled dungeons, armed with a peculiar yet potent laser gun that proves essential in solving challenges and escaping the labyrinthine depths.

Block Shop █ 🏪

Animation showing Block Shop in action

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In Block Shop, players are put to the test as candidates vying to become the operator of Block Shop, a facility renowned for transforming raw materials into high-quality blocks for enigmatic and crucial purposes, requiring problem-solving prowess, resourcefulness, and sharp intellect to meet its stringent standards of excellence.

Folder Brawler 📂 👊🏻

Animation showing Folder Brawler in action

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Folder Brawler is a dynamic action game where players use their cursor to fight off invading computer viruses, strategically clicking to eliminate threats and manage a folder that grows and slows with each virus penetration, demanding quick reflexes and clever tactics to defeat the formidable virus lord.

The Bigger Painting 🖼️ 🔍

Animation showing The Bigger Painting in action

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The Bigger Painting offers an immersive experience where players can move within and across a series of unique, beautifully crafted paintings, enjoying a visually stunning art style that brings each scene and its elements to life in a mesmerizing, interactive art adventure.

The Grant Tilt 🚔 📻

Animation showing The Grant Tilt in action

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The Grand Tilt is a captivating point-and-click adventure set in a police procedural plot, where players experience the escalating tension of a complex investigation from multiple perspectives, managing a team of diverse agents as the operation grows and grappling with the far-reaching impacts of their choices, all while racing against time to unravel a great mystery with several lives hanging in the balance.

Boaba Yaga 🐍 🏢

Animation showing Boaba Yaga in action

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Boaba Yaga is an exhilarating Slither-n-Slash platformer where players control a swift and vengeful snake, embarking on a relentless quest to reclaim its stolen eggs by scaling a corporate skyscraper and fiercely battling its bewildered and unprepared security forces.

There are hundreds of other games to enjoy. Be sure to check out the results page to see all of the games ranked in various categories like Gameplay, Graphics, and Innovation.

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Thank you for including our game! We're very proud of how it turned out and we hope our source code will help up-and-coming game devs learn something new!