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Take your career to the next level: GitHub Universe create your own agenda

GitHub Universe 2023 is starting in less than two weeks! This year, it's all about you. There's three special tracks for you to choose from. You can create your own agenda, and make your experience specific to your career goals, and what you want to learn.


We're taking on three special themes this year:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • DevEx
  • Security

AI is a hot topic all around tech, and you'll be able to learn a tonne about generative AI, GitHub Copilot, and more.

DevEx, short for Developer Experience, is something a little newer. Developer Experience focuses on making the experience of software development awesome, fun, amazing, efficient, and effective.

Security is an important focal point for any software team. Building security into the process at every step is vital to ensure you are compliant, and you are taking into account the privacy, and needs of your customers.

Curated agendas

Once you sign up, you'll be able to start building your agenda, and choosing which talks you'd like to listen to.

This year, we thought we'd take the guess work out for you, and build special agendas related to topics and job roles. There's a curated agenda if you're interested in open source, one for GitHub Copilot, and another if you're a software developer.

Here's the full list of topic related agendas:

We even asked some of our GitHub Stars and top Hubbers to craft their ideal agenda. These developers have put together their favourite sessions and shared them for you to follow along:

Ashley's agenda

Read more about these awesome people and see what makes them tick. Ashley Willis' agenda for example is designed to "gain actionable insights about the intersection of AI and human skills, while tackling ethics, accessibility, and productivity." If this sounds like you, take a look a Willis' agenda and follow her road map.

Grab your ticket

Tickets to GitHub Universe in person are still available. If you're planning to be in San Francisco, then this is the event not to be missed. If you can't make it to America, you can join virtually for free! Register today and start building your agenda.

Head to the registration page, login with your GitHub account (or create a account) and you're good to go.

Once you've logged in, confirm your name, and choose how you'd like to participate:


Finalise your details and your agenda will be available. Now you can start adding sessions to your own schedule:

GitHub Universe curated agenda

Get ready for GitHub Universe

If you can't wait two weeks, then there's plenty of fun GitHub things to do in the meantime. Check out our blog for latest updates, follow us on social media, or head to the GitHub Shop and pick up some SWAG for your Universe journey.

Share with us, either in the comments below, or tag us on socials. Tell us how you'll be joining GitHub Universe - either in person or online - and what agenda you plan to follow.

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Chris Jarvis

Looking forward to the DevEx track.