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Programmatically Add Labels to Your Issues

For the past week, I’ve been working on building a Probot app that automates inviting users to my GitHub organization. If you read my past blog post, you will learn that I decided to implement a form of triaging by opening an issue for potential members if they star the repository. That was successful, but I realized that other people may open issues in my repository for various reasons – not just to join my organization. I don’t want to weed through multiple issues to figure out if they are requests or not. I prefer to filter for the ones that are requests. An easy way to do that is by adding a label to the issues that include requests to join my organization.

To programmatically add a label to my issues, I added a labels property. The labels property accepts an array of strings representing label names. I used the label ‘pending-invitation’.

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Now, I can filter the issues by the pending-invitation label.

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Tomorrow, I plan to approve pending issues and them to the organization. Stay tuned, and follow GitHub and me on DEV for more content.

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