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Hi, We’re GitHub and we’re excited to be at CodeLand!

bdougieyo profile image Brian Douglas ・1 min read

GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work. From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside 50 million developers.

Stickers & Early Access To Codespaces✨

Get a free GitHub sticker pack when you share your profile README in the comments below!

We encourage you to create your own Octocat and Profile README emojis.

The three (3) best READMEs submitted by the end of CodeLand will get access to Codespaces!

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Brian is a developer advocate at GitHub, which means he likes chatting with developers about developer things and sometimes writes code.


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Thanks so much GitHub team for joining us as a CodeLand Patron sponsor. Really excited that you all have chosen to support us, and very excited that the community here will be able to engage with your team.

Excited to see some awesome profile READMEs from community members here 😎


Thanks so much GitHub Team and Brian for organizing this,
Here is mine : README

I am also the maintainer of awesome-github-profile-readme 😊


Hello Abhishek, thanks for sharing.


Some of these are so cool! I'll have to dig through them for some inspiration


Yea Sure, Infact we have our website also,
Link - Website


I absolutely love your readme <3


Nice! I love the images Thabi. How did you go about creating the gif animation?


Thank you, I just converted short animations from mp4 to gif online. I recommend Canva animated images canva.com/join/caribbean-kasbah-ge... - search animated and there will be a few options to create a short video.

I'd love to see it! I already have a Canva account and this link is only for new Canva members. Can you please send it to me?! Thx! My GitHub is RozBarnes (and twitter)

You can do it with any canva account. Just search animations on canva


I am loving the profile READMEs! I made an old coworker a collaborator on mine as a joke and he made me one... Needless to say, I had to make some changes.



Thank you Github for sponsoring this awesome conference! Loving it!

Just learned how to create a profile README and looking forward to adding bells and whistles: github.com/delphinefoo/delphinefoo


Hi! I'm really excited to be a part of this virtual conference~ As a newbie who greatly needed to be surrounded by other coders, I'm thank you guys helped sponsored it. ^^ I think this is my readme? Still haven't entirely used GitHub....><



There is a link in the post that shows how to create a Profile README.

TLDR; Creating a repo with your handle as the name (Marlyn-suarez) will unlock the README.

Also if you want to learn more about GItHub, checkout lab.github.com/githubtraining/intr...


Got it! github.com/Marlyn-suarez/marlyn-su... This is really cool!! Ahhh, can't wait to continue using this website~ 😄


Continuing to customize and polish this! Absolutely love the ability to showcase a little bit more of who I am.

Profile: github.com/saramccombs/
Readme: github.com/saramccombs/saramccombs


@github I love these customisations!

I have created #myoctocat (see the tweet) and also updated my README.md file with lots of emojis. Check it out on my GitHub profile


Ohhh Dammn! That octocat creator and Readme emojis are reaaaaally dope! My profile now needs some extra jazzz


If you are into Jazz, check out github.com/natemoo-re. They were able to embed their "now playing on Spotify" into their README.


Holly molly canolly! Spotify + GitHub? that's reaaaal classy stuff


Hello everyone, if you submitted 12:01 pm PST that included a link to your profile README, please let us know your shipping info using this form. Thanks so much for everyone who shared and hung out here in this thread during the event.

If you would like to learn more about GitHub, check out our new docs page and our learning lab.

Sticker info submission form


Also congrats to the following READMEs, we have sent you an email letting you know that you now have access to Codespaces.

These profiles stood out and were selected.

If you would like early access to Codespaces, please sign up for the waitlist using this link.


Here's mine... nothing special! I actually just created it and I'm going to work on it this weekend


Awesome, checkout Waylon's post. It includes a few examples in the comments, just in case you would like some inspiration.



Wow, that is an awesome profile. Definitely going to take some inspiration from it. Thank you!


Thank you for geting me to finally do this profile readme thing - I'm afraid its a bit basic today because I've got a problem with my main computer and am struggling a bit but here it is: github.com/dominicduffin1/dominicd...


Nice Dominic, what is your favorite thing about Gatsby?


I haven't really explored that much of it yet, but the official tutorials are excellent and really explain everything well so a beginner can jump straight in. So for now, that!

Excellent I am using it for my Twitch Overlay, for now, if powers static content, but it will power my chatbot soon. I love how easy it is to get a React App up and running. They also make it easy to make contributions to it.



Here's mine: github.com/HorrorOfPartyBeach

It's pretty basic right now because I didn't even know this could be done but I'm really excited to learn more and make it look cool :)


Looks good Emma. What feature are you looking forward to in Vue3?


Thanks! I haven't had a chance to look in depth at Vue3 yet but the Composition api sounds really interesting and I heard it allows for some similar functionality to React Hooks. I'm also curious to see how Vuex and vue-router will evolve.


Wow, I didn't realize that a personal README was a thing! Just made one and I can't wait to make it even better! Also, I now love my custom Octocat! I tried to make it look like me!



No worries, It was launch 2 weeks ago and users are just now figuring out how to leverage it to share their developing journeys.

Check out this post for more examples.


Wow, two weeks ago! People have already made such awesome personal READMEs! Thanks for the resource. I'm excited to make mine even more interesting and compelling!


Thank you GitHub for sponsoring this amazing conference! 🥳

Here is my profile README on GitHub


Amazing. What have you learned in Vue so far?


So far, I've learned resusable vue components, state management, routing and nuxt.js :)


The README stuff is awesome! I want to do more with this when I get the time to do so - I'll bet there's so many possibilities I can't see yet!! This is how far I got today though: github.com/Zohla


Saw you were a MySpace whiz on your website. I think you will appreciate my Myspace page on GitHub dev.to/bdougieyo/making-myspace-in...


I've loved making my profile readme! Have loads more ideas, but as I've been working full time while Codeland has been happening I've not been able to execute all other them ... yet. Here's the link for what I've got so far github.com/aHudspith


Newbie here! really psyched about this conference so far and looking forward to ways to grow as a developer :)
My Octocat readme: github.com/hkishawi/github_readme


Awesome, consider checking out this thread if you are looking for mentor friends twitter.com/JeromeHardaway/status/...


was having the ability to create and post my custom octocat on a public readme really the push that will get me to start learning and using Git? YOU BET!



Cool. Today I learn about profile README! Here's mine ->


Hello everyone, just complete my README on my profile. Thank you Github for everything! Hopefully I'll get my first developer stickers ever!
@creaturenex README

PS Thanks for your work Brian got to watch your segment!


this is mine , the script is not fully by me .
I edit it to fit my needs (Don't reinvent the wheel :p , but I have an addition -> understand how the wheel work :D )


Nice job. Open Source FTW!


Here is my README. It was fun adding my own little profile section. Think I'm going to have go make my own Octocat to add to it now!


Speaking of Neopets, check out my coworker's pet on their page github.com/jessrudder


It was a great experience creating a profile README. Thank you Github and CodeLand for this opportunity. Looking forward to learning from comments.

Profile: github.com/singhsuryansh12


This is really cool, here's my profile so far github.com/kirakirakira


"currently working on making your appliance give you a cold glass of water"

Tell me more..... Are you making sentient refrigerators?


Haha, they've always been sentient, you just have to ask nicely ;)


I never realized you could do this until now, but here is my tiny README: github.com/AsyncBanana