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GitHub Profile AMA

bdougieyo profile image Brian Douglas ・1 min read

We are excited to support CodeNewbies, a wonderful community of programmers and people learning to code. We are here to help you get off to the right start with your GitHub Profile README. Drop a question below about how you can enhance your profile to share your programming journey.


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What is the most unique, most original thing you have seen on a readme thus far?


Seen loads of creativity so far with people really making use of the feature to make their profile their own, but the single thing that I would never have thought of in a million years was ethomson and the way he used his GitHub commit graph to seed an area for Conways Game fo Life and then animated it as a gif. github.com/ethomson

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Jess's take on neopets is pretty cool and the most interactive I have seen yet - github.com/JessRudder.

This was also mentioned in this post, but worth mentioning again. I love the idea of an open-sourced Chess game - github.com/timburgan

I looking forward to playing with this SVG in markdown example, which is not a README but can be used to animate SVGs - github.com/sindresorhus/css-in-rea...


Might be OT, I'm not sure but, with the Arctic Code Vault badges on GitHub profiles, are there more badges on the way that we can earn? 🙂

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As a proud member of the 3-year club, I love the Badges on Dev and wish there were more badges and interactions to unlock today on GitHub. As of today, there are a few programs you can join to get a badge. One notable program is GitHub Sponsors. When you sponsor a developer, you get a sponsor badge on your profile.

Getting badges based on interactions on GitHub would be an exciting feature to explore. Curious if you have any suggestions on interactions or achievements that would make for a proper badge.


Years spent on GitHub badge would be a nice badge to show off I think, not 100 on what badges could work but did some quick inspect element editing with some feather icons to try some ideas out, and the Arctic badge does look better with some friends.

Ideas for GitHub Badges


Are there any plans for other profile README or related features to be added in the future?

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Great question. This feature started out as an internal experiment that eventually spawned into this tweet - twitter.com/pifafu/status/12628300....

We learned a lot about what users would like represented on their profile. I can't say with confidence what features are coming to GitHub Profiles, but I can say that not every response has been implemented from that Twitter thread and you can get a good idea future things to be implemented by combing through the responses and questions.

I also recommend if you have ideas, please let us know using this feedback link.


Yes! I look forward to what might come next. 💪


I had a query, will the sticker pack be given to everyone who commented with their readme link or is the process selective? And also, how will I be notified?

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I will make a post in the other thread. All valid (you need the readme on your profile) submissions are eligible.