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Stress-free Agile Development

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Week Six down!
Here's to another successful week done at the Task Force.

This past week was a code-less week unlike most of the previous ones, instead we learned more of the supplementary skills and tools we need as developers to succeed.

Agile Development

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The first thing I got from this week is a deeper understanding of project development, specifically the Agile project development process. The agile development process focuses on delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to the client as soon as possible. This means delivering the product in smaller parts which provide a certain amount of value to the client to keep them motivated and happy because of the progress that they see. This is different from the waterfall model where the product is built in a way that it able to provide value only if it is finished (i.e there is a linear sequence of steps and once a step has been gone through there is no going back until all steps are finished).

Resilience and Stress Management

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Something else I learned (and this is essential) is more about Resilience and Stress Management. Simply resilience is the ability of one to recover/deal with difficult situations. This is therefore necessary to deal with stress. Different people deal with stress in different ways, some healthy and others not, some effective and others not but the key to being able to deal with stress is knowing yourself first and what it takes to raise your stress level and also keeping a healthy body and healthy mind through exercise and meditation.


Closing the week we put our survival instincts to the test with an exercise about what we would prioritize if we were stranded in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I gotta say enjoyed these last five days partly because there was not much work (obviously) and because of the cool things I learned.

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