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I can't believe it's already been 5 weeks now, these weeks passed by so fast.

We started this week with the good old Team Building session as usual. This one was particularly interesting as we shared pictures of ourselves that teammates did not know to show them more about ourselves. It was cool getting a glimpse of everyone's life outside of work.

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This last week we also got a very interesting presentation about Time Management by a Software tester who works with CoA and a fellow developer who works in Nigeria. It was a very insightful presentation as they gave us a very interesting take on Time Management strategies and some hacks we can use to accomplish more while giving less. Some of the key ways/strategies used for better Time Management I took from it are Knowing yourself (How do you work? when are you most effective?), plan ahead, organize yourself (Find a routine and stick to it) and the 80/20 rule (find the 20% of your work that yields 80% of the results and dedicate most of your efforts to it). The 80/20 rule can however be perceived differently for different situations, that is just my personal take on it.

Thursday was extra fun though. We chilled with the Awesome team, played games, watched a movie, had good food, etc. I have to stay, we really closed the week in style. The guys are like a family, it's amazing. I look forward to more memorable moments like that.

That sums it up for the fifth week and on we go into the sixth. Next week will most likely be packed with work on client projects in Wordpress which I am curious how it turns out. Looks like I'm going to pick up something else completely new. Let's see how we do.

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