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Greetings from Task Force Week 1

So, week 1 at the Task Force is over and it has been a joyous ride so far. It's been an interesting and educational experience that is more than I expected.

We kicked it off on the first day with an insightful session about values and just how important they are to the individual, the team and the community in general. That even helped me to revisit my own values and think about them in a new light that I'd never thought them in before.

To infinity and beyond. This expression had a whole new meaning to me on the second day. Tuesday was marked with two Codewars katas that had us scouring the internet with ways to count and operate beyond infinity and thankfully ES2020 came to the rescue with BigInt. Thank you Javascript.

Day 3 was particularly challenging at first but finally turned around. The morning session was about Communication, yet another essential skill in team building that I'm glad I learned more about and the evening had us presenting about Git workflows. Presentation is always challenging for me but only because I lack practice and that is exactly one of the skills i expect to build in the Task Force.

Yesterday was the fourth day and just like Tuesday, it was packed with even more Codewars katas. We pushed our problem solving capabilities a little further yesterday and i expect more of that later to challenge my problem-solving skills. We went on to learn about DevOps at Awesomity and how they do things.

Today has so far been the most educational day of the week. This morning we dived even deeper into the development process here and it is crazy how much goes on after writing code. This evening we'll be up for another presentation on the week's experience and I'm looking forward to it.

Well, that's it for week one at the Task Force.

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