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Top 5 Best PC Games

The Don Juan of Game Hacking
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As a strictly-PC only gamer for over 25+ years I think I've learned quite a bit about what makes a game great and how games of lesser quality lack creative content. I will be briefly describing my top 5 favorite PC games of all time in a list format. I will be explaining what makes each game great and why I enjoyed it as much as I did. It should be noted however, that before we dive into the analysis on the games you should be aware of my preferences and gameplay style. I've always liked singeplayer games as well but I mostly prefer multiplayer games, more specifically competitive multiplayer games. I've always been into that scene and driven by competition and the need to better my skills at any particular game. I enjoy competing against other players and practicing so that I can defeat them and feel the satisfaction of my hours of practice finally paying off. This article will focus on games of that type but I will also be throwing in singeplayer games that have stolen hours upon hours of my life, so without further delay, the list.

5. Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

I chose this game as the last on the list for a few reasons. First of all it's a singleplayer game, so no competitive gameplay, however during the time it came out is when I played it the most. It was the very first open world game I have ever played so with that alone I was glued to the computer for hours, days, and weeks playing through all the side quests and main quests the game had to offer. It was quite literally the very first game I played that had separate towns and cities you could walk to and explore the side quests and jungles and dungeons along the way. Needless to say I spent countless hours exploring and playing Morrowind.

4. GTA V

Honestly I would choose the entire GTA Series, mostly GTA 3 for being the first open world game that was realistic enough to include cars, police, traffic, NPCs and so forth. I've played all the games up to and including the most recent GTA V. Incredible graphics and incredible mods are available for it right now, I'm sure you're starting to see a trend develop here, I am a huge fan of open world singleplayer games if they are of great quality. The online roleplay communities in the FiveM mod are incredible and have just recently worked out the most annoying bugs, truly the future of GTA gaming.

3. Star Wars Jedi Knight

I know, I know, another franchise. These games bring me back to fond memories of my childhood, I watched my father play Jk2 as a child and as soon as we could, we began playing it ourselves. Of course the first thing that I dove into was the singleplayer but as I grew bored of it after completing it multiple times I became curious about the multiplayer mode. This game and Jedi Knight 3 Academy is probably my true introduction to competitive multiplayer gaming. However, this game was different, while most people were still playing FPS multiplayer games I was in JK3 and JK2 practicing my saber dueling skills (which did take a great deal of skill and practice to master) as well as my skills using force in duels as well. I spent YEARS and an insane amount of hours playing both JK2 and JK3, believe it or not, in 2021, there is still a very tiny population that still logs on to play a CTF game every now and again.

2. Splinter Cell.

This game was my true introduction to stealth gameplay, an incredible story that eases you into the stealth genre. You had to complete complex missions surrounded by cameras, enemies and other detection vectors while remaining completely undetected. This game literally made you feel like a top secret agent infiltrating an enemy headquarters, it was thrilling and incredibly fun. They haven't released any new titles for the franchise lately, but if they ever do bring it back, I'll be the first to preorder the new game.

1. Arma 3

Arma 3 is incredibly realistic military combat simulator sandbox. The game mechanics themselves, as designed by the creators of the game, are the core functions of the game, they include realistic movement, shot and weapon physics and much more. Due to the fact that it is a sandbox, this has opened immense opportunities for modders to create hyper realistic mods based on any location or story that they deem. Even as I write this, I am currently playing an ARMA 3 mod that places you in the Vietnam war where it's US vs Vietcong and you are a guerilla warfare fighter with essentially no starting gear and you must build your way up to becoming an entire army. Very immersive game.

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