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GetBlock Launches Affiliate Program: How to Benefit from It

GetBlock has recently introduced an affiliate marketing program that enables crypto enthusiasts to monetize their social media presence by referring top-tier RPC node providers to the next generation of developers. This is an opportunity for everyone to earn rewards by promoting our services to their audience.

GetBlock is now offering an affiliate program with no limit on payouts. Starting in mid-April 2023, both new and existing users can easily become GetBlock Affiliates by following a few simple steps.

With the affiliate program, anyone who shares their unique referral link can earn up to 20% of fees paid by their referrals. The minimum payout threshold is set at $50, and once the referral balance reaches this amount, affiliates can immediately withdraw their earnings.

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To become a GetBlock referral, users must first log into their account and navigate to the 'Account settings' menu.

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From there, they can select the '**‘Affiliate program’ tab **and click the 'Become an Affiliate' button after accepting the Terms and Conditions. Upon doing so, the user will receive an affiliate link to track the performance and payout status of their referrals.

The affiliate partner can view the status and payments of their referrals online in their account. This allows partners to monitor their program performance and easily request payouts with just one click.

Create your account and start earning: .

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