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GetBlock’s New Chapter as ETH Bucharest Community Partner

GetBlock, a leading blockchain-as-a-service provider, has partnered with ETH Bucharest to become a community partner for the upcoming event. This collaboration brings a special offer for the community: a 30% discount for those who wish to attend the event. Attendees can access the discount through a dedicated Ticket Shop link:

ETH Bucharest is set to be a pivotal event in the blockchain space, taking place from March 27 to March 30, 2024. The conference aims to shape the future of Ethereum by connecting builders, innovators, and thought leaders from around the globe. It provides a platform for collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas to drive the evolution of Ethereum. The event will cover various key topics within the blockchain realm, including privacy solutions, business innovation, finance disruption through DeFi and asset tokenization, governance models such as DAOs, digital ownership including NFTs and the metaverse, and strategies for broader blockchain accessibility and user adoption​​​​​​.

Speakers at ETH Bucharest include prominent figures in the blockchain and Ethereum community, such as Mihai Alisie, a co-founder of Ethereum and founder of AKASHA; Paul Brody, the Global Blockchain Leader at EY; and many other experts and innovators who are at the forefront of blockchain technology and its applications​​.

This partnership between GetBlock and ETH Bucharest underscores the growing importance of community collaborations in the blockchain ecosystem. GetBlock is enabling more individuals to engage with the latest developments and thought leadership within the Ethereum community. Attendees can look forward to a range of activities, including workshops, discussions, and networking opportunities, all designed to foster innovation and drive the future of Ethereum forward.

For more information about ETH Bucharest and to take advantage of the 30% contact @JoanGetBlock.

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