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ESLint playground & meta tag editor - DevHunt Digest #3

DevHunt is the open-source platform where you can showcase your developer tool. Teams compete every week for the top spot. Here's a look at who's in the race this time.

UI Initiative

UI Initiative is a catalog of open-source frontend templates in several frameworks, such as Swiper, Framework7, React, Vue, Svelte, PWA.

For a one-time payment of $49 you get lifetime access to all the plugins and templates available.


Flintable is a playground for experimenting ESLint rules, focusing on fixable layout and suggestions rules.

According to the maker's comment, it's main purpose is to allow engineers working on the same project to work on their own terms.

No sign up is required to try Flintable. Once you open it, you can test it right away in your browser, and after you're done configuring your rules, you can download the config file that belongs to it.

I like Flintable!

Meta Toolkit

Meta Toolkit is a meta tag editor. The cool thing about Meta Toolkit is that it doesn't require any sign up either, and it's open-source, too.

I was quickly able to check out's URL, and make changes that are quickly turned into code which is ready to use, as seen in the screenshot below. in Meta Toolkit


Uvodo is an ecommerce & payment platform for solopreneurs.

What I like about Uvodo is that they offer a free plan. It's a very good way to support indie developers who would like to test their solution in the market. Signing up was easy, the UI is gorgeous and easy to navigate.

There are different integrations to track ad performance, such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager, Meta and TikTok.

What I don't like about Uvodo is that they offer Uvodo Card where you can manage funds. It's basically a virtual Visa card. While signup makes Uvodo seem to be available essentially everywhere as many countries, including Hungary, where I'm located and our local currency is supported, too, I was disappointed to find out that I can verify myself only with US documents. So it seems like non-US residents can't use Uvodo to gather payments.

Scramble Cloud

Scramble Cloud is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage, focused on maintaining privacy and data security.

The free plan includes 100 GBs of storage, and the platform offers the capabilities from the most popular storage providers.


landingUI.PRO is a Tailwind CSS landing page template for micro-apps and simple projects with docs.

Checking out the demo site it's a nice looking template with all the components that are good to have for launching your product.

Web Dashboard Decky

Web Dashboard Decky is a MacOS dashboard bringing a bunch of different information to one place, including social media, stock and crypto portfolio, and news.

I'm a Windows user (I know, I know...), so I couldn't test it.


Axflow is an open-source TypeScript framework for AI development. I'm only experienced with generative AI as a GPT user, so I can't really tell how good Axflow is. What I do know is that documentation is easy to find and easy to understand. is a customer support chatbot utilizing GPT 3.5, or maybe even GPT 4, too, as the pricing tab specifies GPT 4 access to all paid plans.

After signing up, I got a welcome message with the demo video of the tool, which is nice because it showcases how it's going to work. I liked that the demo video focuses on the main capability of the tool, and didn't inform me about things unnecessary to get things done. My only problem is that the UI has changed since they made the video, so it's a little bit distracting to have a different UI when I sign in.

Anyway, as I was trying the free plan I had a 'Create a new AI BOT' button, while I already have a pre-made one. So when I clicked on the create a new bot button I got an error message to upgrade my plan. I think I'd prefer to have a disabled button with a hover message to explain that I'm at the limits of my free subscription.

Plus, for some reason, the website was a bit slow to react when I tried it. I wanted to check it out with's landing page and while parsing seemed to be stuck, when I tested the bot it was able to inform me about things. So Chatknows works, but it needs some minor improvements, in my opinion.

Chatknows bot knowing things about is a team of AI experts and data scientists, but I don't know what exactly it is. You can see it for yourself, there's not really much information about them other than a list of portfolio and their Learn More button at the bottom of their landing page doesn't work.

Kind of confused why is here, to be honest.

Hotelapi co

Hotelapi co is a hotel price comparison tool. They send your password in plain text email. Would not recommend.

ChatGPTDuo - Google Search + ChatGPT

ChatGPTDuo - Google Search + ChatGPT is a tool that combines ChatGPT and Google. My antivirus blocked it, so they might want to do something about it. I gave it a look on my phone, it's a GPT bot with a list of Google search results under the chat. Might be useful when you'd like to validate information from ChatGPT.


PDFtion is a PDF-export tool for Notion. I'm not a big fan of Notion, so I wasn't aware that you can export your documents into PDF, and I had no idea it's this awful - example here from sample document offered by the project's maker.

PDFtion seems to do a pretty good job at generating PDF from Notion documents.


AppmakerHub is a portfolio creator. I signed up to it, and then signed in, and the Get started button lead me to the sign up form again.

I can certainly add my own project, I'm just not sure how this will function as a portfolio, as I wasn't able to figure out how I can share my portfolio, only the individual projects I made. I think it would be a lot more useful to have one portfolio page instead of separate ones for your projects.

That's it for the weekly batch of developer tools that launched on DevHunt. What's your favorite project out of them? Leave it in the comments and show some love by casting a vote!

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