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Discussion on: Staying Sane while Organizing CSS

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I feel that for anyone doing front-end, that learning css well is as valuable as learning your chosen JS framework, if not more. It is so fundamental, yet so poorly understood that it has created this almost mythical fear from so many people. It isnt black magic, its just different.

I love this "course" for showing how simple, clean and powerful css can be. Its made me re-evaluate how I look at my code.

I personally love css-in-Js though, styled-components means no more conflicts and really clean semantic code with easily adjustable themes. It allows me to work with poorly written codebases without having to fight with strange side-effects anywhere near as much.

Great article, really clear and easy to work through!

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Lee Warrick Author

I agree; Styled components and scoped CSS components in any framework really help reduce the organizational nightmare, or at least shift it to how you organize your components. 😂

Thanks for reading!