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Geoff Melle

Hello community!
My name is Geoffrey Melle and I am and avid animal lover, account manager, and digital marketing guru. Over the years I have worked in management roles in different industries including high end catering, fitness, and digital marketing. The most valuable things I have learned over the years have come from my hands on experience working with other people and understanding their backgrounds and personalities. I find that real human interaction is often undervalued in the digital age in which we live in today. came across my radar as I was searching the web for a way that my company can incorporate a blog into our PWA website and it turns out that is a actually a PWA blog! We opted to use an external platform to host the blogs of our team members to promote our team as thought leaders and increase their ability to not only teach others but learn from others as well. The experience on our team blows me away day after day.

I work for a great app development agency OpenForge, where we strive towards diversity, transparency, and efficiency. We want to help provide the community with our knowledge and resources whether you're a startup company, an agency, or a new developer looking to grow your skill set. We just started a webinar series that will bring the experiences from entrepreneurs, designers, and developers and provide viewers with invaluable insights.

My personal passions stem largely from the natural environment. When ever I take a walk outdoors my head is on a constant swivel as I scan the trees and plants all around me. This desire to view the natural world takes me on hikes and backpacking trips throughout the year. The art of growing bonsai trees came to me several years ago when I wanted to bring the beauty of large trees down to a scale I could craft and grow. At this point I have about 25 bonsai trees.

ANIMALS ANIMALS ANIMALS. I love animals. I adopted the most affectionate and kind pitbull mix 5 years ago from a shelter in Philadelphia. I also have had a ball python for over a decade now. TIME FLIES. Show me any animal and chances are I want to pet it.

Well, that sure is enough about me. I am looking forward to learning from everyone hear and sharing my insights and stories as well.