Array reference... and how to not!

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Sometimes it's sticky...

Look at this code... what do you think is going to happen to the breeds array?

let breeds = ["Labrador","Akita","Siamese"]

// Let's make an array of only Dogs Breed... splice out Siamese.

let doggy = breeds;


// -> ["Labrador", "Akita"]

// -> ["Labrador", "Akita"]

So... we just wanted to change the doggy array, and not the breeds one.

We told JavaScipt:

  1. I want a new array;
  2. Call It doggy;
  3. Give doggy the same values of Breeds;
let doggy = breeds;

But Javascript with the "=" has created a REFERENCE.

With our declaration doggy and breeds are pointing at the "same object" by reference... the same memory, and by changing one, you're changing both!

evil TWINS


Let's make a list... how not to create a reference

If we want to pass just the values of an array into another, and at the same time create a "new object".
We can use this useful methods.

//1. Create a copy with slice.
let doggy = breeds.slice();

//2. Create a concatenation with an empty array.
let doggy = [].concat(breeds);

//3. Spread an array into another one.
let doggy = [...breeds];

//4. Use the Array.from() method, to create an array, with the same value of //another one
let doggy = Array.from(breeds);

All the methods, up here, are creating a totally NEW doggy array, without any reference to the breeds one.
You can now take off the Siamese without any collateral effect.

let breeds = ["Labrador","Akita","Siamese"]

let doggy = breeds.slice();


// -> ["Labrador", "Akita"]

// -> ["Labrador", "Akita", "Siamese"]
Now they're in different arrays... but can still love each other!


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