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Challenge 1 : Card Wallet

Welcome to the first challenge 🚀
I will really proud if you enjoy to follow me in this crazy adventure.
Each challenge will be organize of the same way : description about the project, roadmap to scope the project, deployment and of course clear documentation.

Project overview 📝

The goal of this project is to build a card wallet and manage recent payment entries. A demo is available to see the result.

Vue Card Wallet

Define your roadmap 🖊

To realize this project, i started to create a projet into my Github called vue-card-wallet.

Github permits you to define a roadmap for your project as you can see here :
Github Roadmap

Before to start to code, it's really important to define the scope of your project. You got the design, and the features but you need to put a limit.

Create your roadmap to structure your ideas, and organize them through a priority order. I recommend that you rank in ascending order from most to least important.

What I wanted to do 👷‍♂️

  • Templating Html/Css from FigmaCrush template
  • Responsive even if no mobile version in the Figma template
  • Create Card component to add a card in your wallet
  • Manage recent payment (add and delete) with animation

Technologies used 🛠

For this project, I decided to focus on the use of these technologies :

What I learned 👀

Every project is different and it's always exciting to find out why.

[Vue3] In this one, there is a lot of discovery in practice on Vue3 with TypeScript. But also the use of API composition to allow code reuse.
RecentPayments Component

[CSS] Animation is a good way to improve your user experience. So simple and so fun to create. I wanted to experiment it through transition-group
Bounce-in animation

[TailwindCss] I also discovered some utilities classes in TailwindCss and customize the font-family.
Customize TailwindCss

Improvements 🛫

I think it could be nice to improve this project nope ? What do you purpose for this ? I have another ideas, but I'm curious to know yours 😀

Feel free to let me your comments 🙏 ❤

Thanks a lot to join me on this adventure and to follow me. 🤩 Continue to learn and practice by the same way. 🚀

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Next Challenge will come as soon as possible. But it could be nice to let the community choose the next project. Let me know in the comments below 🚀