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i love code Pen, as a newbie, because it is few of the many that lets me see exactly what my code is doing while i am doing it... it makes me wonder why all the others do not do that. Am i missing something? Or is CodePen not a real code editor?


well CodePen is actually an online code editor.


I love trying and testing editor, my journey has been Notepad > Dreamweaver > Coda > Sublime Text > vim > VSCode.

I've been using VSCode for the last 3 weeks and it has become my favourite thing. You can do "everything" from your editor, which I thought would be bad but it's great to learn how to do many things from inside the editor. For example, I just searched for how to creat Pull Requests from the editor itself and it's brilliant to not even have to go to Github for that. Especially if you're on bug-fixing streak, you don't even leave the editor :)

And it's fast! I thought being Electron it wouldn't be very fast (Atom is/wasn't when I tested it for a while) and it is very important to me. Of course it's not as fast as Vim but it does so much more. The load time is OK as that isn't something you do a lot, I usually always have it on.

The defaults are also very very good, I think, especially for beginners to start with and learn from that.


Though I use VSCode.I prefer using Atom when I will be committing a lot of codes without stress


Why VsCode??


It has lots of cool extensions that could make coding lot more easier and fun😉


Webstorm - better refactoring and intellisense discovery than VS Code. VS Code is a much smoother experience and looks a bit better to me. I use it when I can, but try as I might, when I watch my VSCode using colleagues struggling with a JS refactoring, or hunting for an import VSC didn't detect, I know I'm on the JetBrains train for now.

I think if you are writing TypeScript VSC might be just fine.


Wow.that's a lot to take in


VS Code and Ruby Mine


vs code 😍 🥰


What made you like Vs code


Agreed, VS code is a very nice editor, it is my favourite but in terms of favourite command line editor i think that it is vim


I like vs code. It has everything I need and it works fast :)


But it is not recommended for lagging PCs