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My Experience Working Remotely From Home

Well I am Ahmed bankole and I have been working remotely for a year now at a tech firm in USA where they are into development of web applications and the journey has been interesting and somehow tough.
It all started when I got the role as a software engineer at the company. They introduced me to their codebase and how they worked and was given a timezone to work.Due to difference in time zone, I had to contribute at least 5hrs a day.Anytime we had a discussion, the developers there will host a zoom meeting where I attend and they all discuss the products they are all working on including some other work related issues on the meeting.
The first day on the job ,I was very excited because it was a big time role and I felt that this will be a boost on my career.I received a mail from the company that contains a PDF which held all the information and details of the company and what they are into.

After time ,I set up my development environment so i can contribute to our company products.It was very tough because their codebase was messy and I didn't know where to start from so I painstakingly took my time debugging and fixing the codes including making the code understandable.
6 months later,it got to a time when things were not in order and there were different complaints from most of our clients who purchased our products and the boss started complaining to the developers including me why are this things happening? It almost got to the time I was nearly fired during this mishap but we managed to go past it and things were like how it was before.
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