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Why Should You Become A Freelancer ..

geekyahmed profile image Ahmed Bankole ・3 min read

Hello everyone, what a beautiful whether we are having 😁😁. Freelancing has been around for ages and yet most people don't know about. Some people freelance but yet they don't know they are ... So as you may all know who freelancers are and in case you don't here is a well defined description of a freelancer.

Basically a Freelancer is someone that renders a service to somone and gets paid per service or work done.

So it is more of less than a getting paid for rendering a service by building or developing web applications. Most developers out there are into freelancing while some do it as full time or as part time but either way they are still freelancing.

Think of it as a contract issued to you by a contractor and you get paid when you execute the contract successfully.

Apart from the aspect of being a developer, you must also have technical skills a freelance should possess which are strong business ethics and professionalism.

You have to be well sound when it comes to negotiating and striking a deal with the client or the buyer because if you are not able to do that, there is a high chance you might lose a lot of works and buyers.

At first , becoming a freelancer is hard especially when you are just starting out , this is mostly because there are deeper aspect of freelancing that are required to start getting buyers.

But let's take a look at the good sides of freelancing .

1.Work from home.
Personally, I do prefer working from home and chilling out with my friends. As a freelancer, you could be able to render your service from anywhere but also do that without having to leave the comfort of your home. Since you are not meeting the buyer in person , you could take your time from home working on it and be relaxed as well.

2.Ability to choose from a variety of clients or products.
What this is trying to say is basically that, you have the ability to choose from different clients or product. Which means you could handpick the ones you are capable of working on and be able to finish or build according to your experience and skillset.

Through freelancing, you have the power over what you want to build but always take note that the "Customer is always right ".

3.Earn more
Some developers out there aren't satisfied with their current salary or they feel like they need more to meet up their needs.

That's why they opted out for freelancing as a means of earning extra money through building side projects for various clients .

4.Flexibility of location
Just like I said earlier on, you could be able to freelance from anywhere you wish to.

You might even go to the park or a Café to freelance just as long you have your PC with you then all is well. Think just means that you can be able to change your locations anytime and still be able to freelance.

5.Build skills and experience
Some of these freelancers you see are not professionals, they are more like mid level freelancers trying to make ends need. There is a high opportunity that you might find a good service on Fiverr or Up work but the knowledge required to build the application is more than the one you know already.

So maybe, you just started learning PHP and you stumbled upon a project that can be built with PHP. You might want to build it even though you are not skilled enough but instead you used that experience when building the application to apply to other possible applications.

Well thanks for reading and I would love if you follow me here for more articles 😊😊

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Mohammad Fazel

Very insightful article about freelancering but if you are in a family with more than 4/5 members and everytime you work there are annoying noises so I don't recommend you do freelancering because as time goes on you will feel terrible.

nicolus profile image
Nicolas Bailly

You could freelance from an office or coworking space.

geekyahmed profile image
spiritbro1 profile image

where do you usually get your freelancer work from?

geekyahmed profile image
Ahmed Bankole Author

Nice question.

You could try freelancing sites like Fiverr, Up work or People Per Hour

spiritbro1 profile image

but from those three which website you get freelancer work the most?

Thread Thread
geekyahmed profile image
Ahmed Bankole Author

Well, you could take either Fiverr or upwork . Any one could work for you most especially fiverr.

petemode profile image

I never thought of using freelancing to skill up until this post! I think I just might try that

geekyahmed profile image
Ahmed Bankole Author


Give it a try..