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Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

I continue to code because...

I love the challenge of solving problems and teaching others how to solve problems. If I can help one person with their job through technology or training, I feel accomplished for the day.

I believe in empowering others. I often talk about putting in guard rails for my communications team. They edit the website with a WYSIWYG editor and sometimes want to do more advanced things. I have cultivated a relationship with them that they feel comfortable coming to me and having a conversation about what they need. Every new feature they request, I tell them the pros and cons and let them choose. The website is thriving and has a better editor experience because of the work we do together.

I recently overcame...

Caring about what others think about my outfits and style. We have no dress code and I have stopped wearing "business casual". I now wear bright lipstick (today it is teal) and code t-shirts or dresses to work. I am more comfortable at work and therefore more productive.

This also has the benefit of making me easy to spot on campus, at meet-ups, and large meetings.

I want to brag about...

My awesome sticker collection and toy bowl. Many people have a small dish of candy on their desk but I have a bowl of little plastic frogs, sticky hands, tiny erasers, and foam airplanes. I believe we all are children at heart and need little trinkets and rewards. I love watching people light up when I offer to them the opportunity choose a trinket.

My advice for allies to support women and non-binary folks who code is....

Leave toxic environments. Bad environments will drain you, don't wait until you have a month of tears before thinking to leave. Take care of yourself.

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