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Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I love it. I love creating websites and apps. I love solving problems for people. I love helping others learn.

I deserve credit for ...

Quitting a toxic team. I deserve credit for taking time off to figure out if I really truly wanted to stay. I deserve credit for speaking up about what has happened to me in my career in tech.

I hope to see my work/developer/tech community...

Really challenge the idea of the pipeline this year. URMs (underrepresented minorities) and white women do not get the same opportunities. We fight against a system that doesn't understand why we don't fit in or can't just be one of the guys.

I hope to see more people feeling welcome and wanted in tech.

This year was a hard year for a lot of people. Let's make next year better!

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anortef profile image
Adrián Norte

Quitting a toxic team.

This should be framed and given to anyone who starts a career in tech, but more especially women.
I do not know in the states but in my country (Spain) and city (Barcelona) even when is not strange to have females in tech (my previous boss is a woman), the education that women seem to receive, although way less than years ago, seems to be in line of "you have to put up with what the men expect of you" and I believe we should educate everyone to be confident in themselves and independent so they can grab toxic teams and told them they can have their toxicty and bigotry and stick up waaaaay deep in their arses.

missamarakay profile image
Amara Graham

Claps and snaps for you Jenn! Particularly on quitting that toxic team. No one needs that in their life.

helenanders26 profile image
Helen Anderson

Thank you for sharing and speaking up!