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Introducing NextJS Google Drive Directory: Simplifying Google Drive Navigation

Hello community,

If your company is like ours, you are using Google Drive to maintain a wide variety of documents including employee handbooks. Wouldn't it be nice to have focused access points for that body of knowledge?

We created a tool that will allow you to do just that. With a little setup, you can create a special portal into one of your personal or team drive directories, allowing for a directory-style navigation through the sub-folders and content as well as a contained search result engine for that directory.

If this sounds appealing to you, we got you covered and have built the foundational application to get started.

At the moment, it is even free to deploy to Vercel. No costs included. All you have to do is fork the repo, modify it to suit your API access credentials, and then deploy it. More on that below.


The NextJS Google Drive Directory simplifies Google Drive navigation by restricting the view to a single directory. This straightforward approach helps users locate and work on specific files more efficiently. Additionally, it offers a subdirectory navigation feature to facilitate easy movement between related files or folders.

For a hands-on demonstration, this tutorial video provides a comprehensive guide.

Educational Value: Learn Google Drive API

Beyond its utility, the application also serves as a tutorial for those interested in learning how to interact with the Google Drive API. By studying the source code and following the project's documentation, you can gain practical insights into API integration and usage.


Localhost installation

Deployment to Vercel

Support and Community

If you find the application beneficial, there's an option to support its development through joining the GBTI private community.


The NextJS Google Drive Directory is open source and available on GitHub.

Feel free to explore the application and share any feedback.

For more information, visit us on Twitter, GitHub

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