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Holidays 2019 - Episode 4.5

Episode 4.5 of the Your Secure Life podcast.

In Episode 4.5 of the Your Secure Life Podcast, Garrett takes a break for the 2019 Holiday season.

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Hey there.

This is Garrett and you are listening to the Your Secure Life podcast.

This is a special episode. This episode is an in between episode.

So, last episode we had a news recap of what had happened in October and it is now November and I am going to take a break for all of December.

Sort of.

What I'm actually going to do is spend my time getting everything organized.

I have over a half a year, I've over six months worth of content planned for the podcast, and so I want to get a jump on that and get as much of it written at one time as possible, recorded and then scheduled.

And then in between on the weeks that are news-related, I'll just have to record those every two weeks.

And so that way I can get ahead and everything can get organized.

Same with Approaching Utopia and my business, my OSINT stuff is going to be on pause for the month, and all of my client work is on pause for the month.

So basically December, I'm just taking the time to get everything organized for 2020 and then we're going to kick it off first week of January.

Whatever the first Friday of January is going to be the next episode of the Your Secure Life podcast, which is going to be about how to come up with a good password.

I know that in episode one we talked about using password managers so that you don't need to remember any of your passwords, but you do need to remember one password and that's whatever the password is to get into your password manager.

So we're going to talk about that and we're going to get that done.

So have a good holiday season and I will see you in January, 2020 let's do it.

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