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Why blogging is a great way to start a career in software development?

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Even though I'm a new blogger too, I consider that writing can bring many professional benefits for some of us that are just starting a career in the tech field.

As students or new graduates, we face the challenge of getting a job that is related to our field and aligns with our professional aspirations. Sometimes because we lack professional experience or there is high competition in the area. Either way writing a blog can help us somehow to gain confidence and build a name for ourselves.

Stand out from the competition

Consider starting a blog on tech topics that matters to you and that might help others. When applying to jobs you'll catch the recruiter's attention easily giving them additional information about you, that demonstrates how self-motivated and different you are from other candidates.

Strength your knowledge

Writing a post takes time and effort, which means that you'll need to plan and think about the topic you want to write about. The good side of it is that in the process you are reviewing and summarizing the information to make it understandable not only for others but for yourself. that's why writing, is a good way to strengthen your knowledge.


Last but not least, is the ability that it gives you to connect with people. Some people can give you feedback or corrections on your blog posts, that would definitely make you a better professional and developer, and why'll be able to get new friends in the industry.

Hope you get encouraged to start your own blog and share your knowledge with others. Thanks for reading.

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