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Awesome TensorFlow.js - Rock Paper Scissors

gantlaborde profile image Gant ℒ𝒢𝒷ℴ𝓇𝒹ℯ ・1 min read

Machine Learning can be pretty complicated. Fortunately, we can always bring some entertaining aspects to counteract the mountain of linear algebra. I'm a fan of Machine Learning, which is why I'm all about @FunMachineLearn on Twitter. It's also why I'm starting a newsletter for awesome stuff in AI.

Recently I decided to tackle the complexities of Machine Learning making it as simple as pressing buttons in a browser. The results were awesome!

If you're interested in training your own AI in your browser to do Rock Paper or Scissors recognition, then you're going to enjoy my latest published article.

If you're interested in other crazy things you can do in Machine Learning in the browser, I highly recommend you check out my NSFWJS library.

Gant Laborde is Chief Innovation Officer at Infinite Red, a published author, adjunct professor, worldwide public speaker, and mad scientist in training. Clap/follow/tweet or visit him at a conference.

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