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Building a portfolio with free tools for designers(no coding required).

Hi, to DEV Community.
Before letting in I actually want u to visit the SEO-friendly website created using Start Bootstrap and Github Pages through this link =
This took me less than 1 day.

Nowadays, most designers get their Job through personal portfolio websites. I know, it mostly depends on the creativity of the resume that is presented to recruiters, so be it. Why don't u show up your creativity on websites which show, how capable u actually are in designing! ( I know many people designed prototypes through Adobe Xd and Figma, but never tried to make the website live)

Having a website for u to show to others makes u smarter compared to the guy who has the old school printed resume. Thinking of which if u are just starting or having financial problems then u are at perfect DeV post, Haha. Follow me for more!

This is actually a good opportunity for Designers who don't know how to write the front-end code or don't have money to buy for domains and SSL certificates.

Don't worry u are actually covered with SSL (https) certificates free with Github Pages. Https means your website is secure, that anyone can access it with ease(more on this comment I will create a post) without the fear of malware or phishing attacks.

Github Pages let's u host your front-end code easily if u create a repository.
Steps being followed to get to Github Pages
1. Create a Github Account (which is free)
2. Create a New repository
3. On GitHub, navigate to your site's repository.
4. Under your repository name, click Settings. Scroll down in settings
5. To see your published site, under "GitHub Pages", click your site's URL.
6. U will actually find the URL which is shown as an above link of mine.

Before this, U may think Ganesh where is my code for the website?

In the above 2nd step after creating the repository move on to Start Bootstrap Website. (
Fork the source code as needed for u! By clicking on template u can just view on Github.

I think u got your code for the entire website, kudos u have source code now, Now what?
Ok, now I fear u have to write some code. Ahh, sorry for the title.

I'm kidding U just need to edit the English words to ur name and place and contact etc. Which is an Index.html page as mentioned in the above link(remember index.html)

Well, I use it as my basic design portfolio until I create good one for me. U can do the same.

Happy Making Website for Yourself. LOve yourself.

If u really read this completely, let me know how was it! & add a link to ur website in comments.

Thank You.

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