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Tech Trends That Will Disrupt Markets in the Nearest Future

Today it is not hard to predict which technologies are ruling the enterprise world. Blockchain, digital reality, artificial and machine intelligence are making sufficient advancement and have everyone talking about them.

We’ve gathered some of the most promising tech trends of the year that are bound to leave their imprint on the way we work, live and engage with each other the world around us. Some of these tech trends are already proving to us that the future we read about in science fiction books or saw as fantasies of Hollywood producers is nearer than we’ve realized. Others while still relatively at the beginning of their journey are redefining business models and processes.

Digital Reality Check

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), 360°, and immersive technologies have been gaining momentum over the last couple of years. Together they are united under the term digital reality.

In the nearest future this tech trend will only strengthen and become more sophisticated. Today its focus is on enhancing our lives by creating more natural and intuitive experiences. Another improvement will be in the way we access a digital reality. Users will no longer be limited to screens and other hardware but will discover new ways of interactions via gesture, motions, gazes, emotions, and voice.

Marketing and business potential of immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality is mind-boggling. The entertainment and gaming capabilities of AR / VR will see further investment. Deloitte experts note that there’s also an increasing number of companies that shift from the “shiny” aspects of digital reality to more mission-critical applications in the enterprise.It is proving that the hyped technology is useful not only for gaming but can also get things pretty heated in the workplace as well.

BMW declared in its press release that it would be a first automotive company to use mixed reality for vehicle development. This means that their developers can participate in building new vehicles from anywhere in the world, without even having to leave their office. Digital reality will make it possible for colleagues cooperate and co-locate from different parts of the world. What once were frustrating video calls with poor connections, now are immersive experiences with replicated facial expressions and holograms. Some of the companies are already a step ahead. UPS, for instance, is training its drivers to avoid obstacles, identify pedestrians, road signs, and other cars.

Each of digital reality experience will evolve in its niche and space. Virtual reality is likely to thrive in homes, while business is a clear domain for augmented reality.

So how will the digital reality of tomorrow look like? It’s likely to become an “always on” experience. To dive into the digital reality we will no longer have to bend our necks over the telephones, but we may soon wear AR / VR gears for hours non-stop. There are still a few challenges on the journey of full digitalization, but we should take it as a fact, the digital reality is likely to change the way we engage and interact with this world.

Machine Intelligence is Everywhere

Another omnipresent trend of these days is artificial intelligence (AI). Along with its branches, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), it represents machine intelligence.

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