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SecureFile App

SecureFile is a program that is designed to protect user files from illegal access. The program can protect any file with AES encryption and decryption algorithm. The high degree of file protection allows user to send files to third parties without fear for confidentiality.

Application Description


You don't need to be an advanced user to use the SecureFile app. You just need to enter a password that will be used to encrypt and decrypt files, select a method (encrypt or decrypt a file), and finally, choose whether the original file will be deleted after procedure or not. After entering these parameters, the user just needs to select the desired file and click the start button.

After the procedure is completed, the program will inform user about the successful completion of the operation. For greater convenience, after performing the operation of encrypting or decrypting a file, in the "Created files" panel user will see the file that the program created. Also, in order to provide more protection for files, in the panel with the file name, the user will see the MD5 hash of the created file. This will prevent the program-generated file from being replaced or modified.

After the program creates an encrypted file, you can transfer it to third parties. They must use the same program to decrypt the file by entering the password, that you used to encrypt the file. After entering the correct password, the program will decrypt it and the user will get the original file.

Download from GitHub: SecureFile
Visit Website: Website

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