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EXIFViewer is a program that can extract EXIF data from files and export it to text format. EXIFViewer is based on ExifTool. With EXIFViewer, users can easily and quickly view file metadata without using the command line. Thus, EXIFViewer provides a GUI for ExifTool.

Application Description


EXIFViewer is a GUI based on ExifTool, a powerful, versatile, and widely used command-line tool for reading, writing, and editing metadata in digital files. ExifTool is not limited to just image files and can work with a wide range of file formats, including audio, video, PDFs and more.

Metadata can include details such as camera settings, date and time, location, copyright information and more. It is commonly used by photographers, digital forensics experts, and anyone who needs to work with and manipulate metadata in digital files.

To use EXIFViewer, you need to download ExifTool from the official website. After that, rename the exiftool(-k).exe file to exiftool.exe and move it to C:\Windows\. The full path should be: C:\Windows\exiftool.exe.

Finally, you can use EXIFViewer to get the file's metadata. For a complete list of supported files, see the ExifTool page.

Also, you can save EXIF data to a text file, which will be saved to the location of the file being examined.

Download from GitHub: EXIFViewer
Visit Website: Website

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