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I Built a Site for the Best Coding Fonts

gafi profile image Mostafa Gaafar Updated on ・1 min read

I'm always looking for a coding font that looks great with my favorite editor theme and language. Searching for coding fonts has been a pain since there is no way to see how a font will look until you download and install the font, then change your editor to use it.

Enter Dev Fonts

devfonts.gafi.dev is a list of the best coding fonts I could find around, along with an interactive preview where you can change the preview theme, code language, or the code sample for the preview.

Dev Fonts screenshot

My current favorite font is Cascadia Code. What is yours?

The source code for the site is on github

PRs for missing fonts are welcome, check the notes here


Editor guide

Nice! Thanks for building this.

My favorite coding font is Hack, but I don't see it!


Added it. Thanks!


Hack for me too. Nerd patched.


Thanks for sharing!
My favorite font is JetBrains Mono :)


How about a Vote feature, or a Like feature to bring up figures of most liked or used font(s)?


It'd be great but it comes with the complexity of managing a backend or a service for authentication & storage. Do you know a simple way to implement it?


Great tool! Like many others I found my way to JetBrains Mono but alternatives are always good to have.

For simple backend features hooking up firebase or amplify might be simple enough and probably free.


I understand. I shall look for a way to do that in a simple way. If you need my help, let me know.


Great one. Glad to see that I am not the only one who loves to have a great looking font in my Editor.
One feature suggestion: support the preview of italics as-well.

My current favorite is JetBrains Mono.
May I recommend to add Input Mono aswell? It's also a very thought coding font.


Input Mono was my go-to until JetBrains Mono came along.


Nice work, I really like it!! :)
I played a bit around with the app. What do you think about having two fonts/column per row maybe?
It will increases the possibility to compare more fonts with less scrolls.
Something like this: prnt.sc/rzxqs3


Great job Mostafa! I was actually trying to figure out which font to use on my new laptop. This helps a lot to get a great overview.

Some feedback:

  • It took me a few seconds to figure out the compare mode
  • When a name is filtered, and compare is on especially, I was wondering why it only showed me one. This might be the preferred behavior, but got me confused.
  • When switching between themes, it always flashes to white in between.

Other than that! Awesome work, keep it up!


I don't know the name of the font but its sublime text-default. There is just something about the sublime setup that appeals to my taste which is why its my favourite text editor. I can't explain but it makes my code look juicy or saturated unlike most themes which are often dry like VS codes default themes. But that's just my opinion :)


It took me a while, but when it added ligatures, it became my go-to: Iosevka


Nice! There's a few fonts missing:
Input Mono: input.fontbureau.com/
Fantasque Sans Mono: github.com/belluzj/fantasque-sans

A useful addition would be the languages/scripts supported. Most of them cover Latin, but there are fonts that support Cyrillic, Greek, etc.


I can't keep up with all the font requests, feel free to open a PR if you want github.com/Gaafar/dev-fonts/blob/m...


This is awesome, and makes me happy.

Just a reminder, if you use Homebrew on OSX there is a font cask from which many of these can be installed: github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-cask-...

And likewise, if you use scoop for Windows: github.com/matthewjberger/scoop-ne...


Cascadia Code is like the paid font OperatorMono. Thanks for share!.


Thanks. my favorite one is 'JetBrains Mono'


I just use Comic Sans. It's awesome! I can stare at it for a long time(when I don't find the bug)




Great idea! Super helpful!


Never seen an idea like this.
A library of fonts.
Its very helpful and looking cool.
I am using Cascadia code πŸ˜‡
Thanks for this :)


Nice Job, Respected Sir, I am also looking forward to trying some of your favourite fonts as well.

Feeling Excited as well.


Thanks, it's pretty cool


Awesome work!
My favorite font is JetBrains Mono. Before was Fira Code.


DankMono - will never use anything else


added it to the list!


My favorite is Dank Mono (dank.sh) it is not free but at 40.00 or so it is less than Operator Mono and has ligatures and a good italic.


Damn! This is really helpful! Thank you!


Definitely. Still. Fira Code.


Nice one. Really needed this


Great job! This is very useful.


Thank you for the site :)
I am currently using JetBrains Mono.
How can I download the Lilex?
IBM Flex Mono with ligatures would be amazing.


You can download Lilex from its github releases page github.com/mishamyrt/Lilex/releases


pretty good! It makes me back to Iosevka :D
thank you


Great tools man!!! Very helpful!!!


Indeed a nice site and a nice way to compare various fonts. ❀️