How do you choose to hire software developers in 2020?

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I am writing this because I am genuinely curios what companies/people around the world use as a hiring process for new developers: juniors, intermediate, seniors.

The scope of this question is to give light and a voice to hiring people that don't practice the exhausting_no step interviews and this is more for developers looking for other developers to work with, knowing that adding more layers to a interview will only alienate people.

Everyone chooses what they want, and I believe it's nice to hear about other ways of hiring as well. No need to defend your hiring process, it's more important to explain to others what it is, and this way the right people might come to you.

If you want to share with us your humanly, nice and no anxiety inducing hiring interview, please do so below (keep in mind what you look for in juniors, intermediate and seniors). I suggest you write about the tech stack as well, because who knows, you might find some developers curios of changing jobs.

This tweet from Veni Kunche (twitter handle: @venikunche ) is food for thought at the very least.

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