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Image Sorting Visualizer

Hello World! 👋

It's been a year since I created this small project for fun. I was having fun learning algorithms and data structures, and solving various problems. With the free time I had at the moment I decided to make small app demonstrating how various Sorting algorithms work, by using them to get the original image from shuffled one.
Sorting algorithms are probably the on of easier topics when it comes to algorithms but still pretty fun to visualize. Also coming from a Backend background I decided to do this using Javascript and a bit of Vue, just because learning something new is always fun and I want to start getting into Frontend languages as well, so don't judge my code too hard if you decide to open it :D . Nevertheless here is the end-result.

You can test the app at:
Git repo is: if some of you want to ⭐ the project, highly appreciated

This is my old post about the app, you can watch the demo video there and see how it works:

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